DJ Zeez Has Been Ordered To Pay N22.3M to His Record Label


You remember DJ Zeez right? Famous for his smash hits Fokasibe, and Bobbi FC. Well he’s in the news today after word his the streets that he’s been ordered to pay a grand total of N22.3 million to his former record label.

The directive comes from the Lagos High Court after his label, HF Music, filed a petition that the singer has been unable to live up to his contractual obligations. The singer was sued back in September of 2015 for refusing to record any new music for his label as stated in his contract.


The presiding judge, Honourable Justice B.A. Oke-Lawal (Mrs) in the case ordered that DJ Zeez, real name – Kingsley Elikpo, to refund the sum of N22,378,605.70 (Twenty-Two Million, Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Five Naira and Seventy Kobo) to the label. According to the case that’s the total amount spent by HF Music on the singer via advances since he signed with the label.

There hasn’t been any official statement as of this time from DJ Zeez or the record label, but we’re sure one will be made soon.

It has to be a very sticky position to be in right now for DJ Zeez, and we certainly hope he can get out of this mess sooner rather than later.


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