Dencia Defends Her Outfit To The Billboard Awards 2015


Most of us have seen Dencia’s outfit to the just concluded Billboard Awards, and if you haven’t you can see them here.

The Cameroonian singer, and entreprenuer has come out to react to the numerous comments about her outfit. We’re willing to bet that 95% of them were negative, but considering the outfit, you can see how that happened.

Here’s what Dencia posted on Instagram in reaction to the comments

So wait,u took ur hard earned money, paid for these images on Getty to talk sh!t? lmao ..thank u guys tho at least u hated & I got it 4 free from u!! At least something + always comes outa something – ..#WestAfrican #CandyCrush #AfricanEnergy #billboardmusicawards .. @beautybybeyina & I have been cracking up at the comments, y’all funny AF, serious comedy but hey I was raised by the Army so I am Invincible #GrandPaRaisedAGeneral #GrandMaRaisedAStrongSoul ..You don’t want my clapbacks cuz they hit u right where it hurts & alotta u are already depressed & suicidal so I’ll let y’all have fun & make me laugh.God Is Love ..#WorldpeaceAndLove & I am loving the human organs on my outfit.

She also went in on popular American blogger, Necole Bitchie, who replied her in the funniest way ever. LOL.

Here’s how it went down







Our guess is that Dencia likes the attention, and wore the outfit for exactly that purpose.


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