Dencia Attacks Lupita Nyong’o Again; This Time It’s Over BET’s Article Claiming She Is “Threatened by her Dark Skin”



Dencia is definitely all this attention she’s getting and has done a lot in recent months to continue to fans the flames of controversy.

This particular incident though, has to do with an article on BET claiming Dencia is threatened by dark skin, and jealous of Lupita. Note that Lupita didn’t write this article, but Dencia somehow directed her attack at both BET and Dencia.

For those that don’t know, Lupita Nyong’o recently got an endorsement deal with Lancome, and Dencia had some words to say about it, claiming they also made bleaching products. It continued the long rain of shots Dencia has taken at Lupita Nyong’o the oscar winning actress moving speech over appreciating dark shin.

Check out her tweets.






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