Dear M.I, The Real Replies To Fix Up Are Not Fix Up covers; Twitter User Tweets

M.I thrilling the guest

Following M.I’s wake up call to rappers in the music industry, asking them to fix up their lives, various opinions have been aired.

A twitter user and artiste known as Bemshima, has used the opportunity to write an open letter to the Chocolate City boss. The twitter user explained that it was his own reply to M.I’s You Rappers Fix Up Your Lives.

Dear @MI_Abaga… The real replies to Fix Up are not Fix Up covers. Spare time for some of our SoundCloud.

See letter below;



  1. Benshima is so on point! So many upcoming artistes that are better than the best there is. I don’t even listen to mainstream anymore. I literally wait on guys on my facebook list to bring on cool music. The Music Industry is a scam! Corruption has been legalized. It’s extortion for upcoming artistes to pay the media to play his stong it’s suppose to be the other way round. So many good artists but only a few make it to the limelight. For the past 3-4 years… No underground artist have made it to the top despite their inputs.I have listened to songs that are great songs but would never be heard on the radio except the same people over and over again on repeat. It makes me puke! The industry is in shambles because it suffocate creativity.


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