Davido Denies Rumors That He Was Slapped by Police Officers


The internet went crazy last night when rumors started floating around that Davido was slapped by police officers that day for “being rude.” Not exactly sure what that means but that was the reason floating around.

Well, Davido has put a stop to those rumors by coming out on his twitter page to say that they are all lies. “I am safe and at home … Stop the lies! Unlike some of yall der r some pple out that care …OMO BABA OLOWO :GENESIS OUT SOON!

There’s no hard in throwing a plug in for the album in the tweet :). His album drops soon, and there’s a show scheduled for the 22nd of July 2012.


  1. Ds Davido of a guy sha. . . Am a fan, no beef/hatin’, bt I suggest he kip his head down n jst do his thn. . . His news is alwys here n there. . .

  2. guy no dey lie u receive slap cus ur rude.i listened 2 a show of u nd u were very rude.so it’s tru cus ur rude

  3. Omo babalowo! No mind them… Wetin dey there? If na another person e 4 no they house now. Ppl 4 don dey look 4am. Na so mi sing say ‘if nobody talks about u then ur nobody’. So I 1 make u take this 1 2oo sing with am.


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