Davido Blown Away As Chris Brown Unfollows Him, Others On Instagram


The Nigerian music space is still intrigued by Davido‘s collaboration with Chris Brown on ‘Blow My Mind‘. The tune quickly set a new record after it grossed 2 million views on YouTube with 24 hours.

Just as the bromance between Davido and Chris Brown was just getting on the latter has unfollowed the Nigerian music star on Instagram. Before now, Chris Brown and Davido were getting along just fine on the social media space.

However, Davido wasn’t the only person Chris Breezy decided to unfollowed on Instagram. The ‘No Guidance’ crooner also unfollowed every other person he once followed on the platform, including Drake, Nicki Minaj and others.


  1. So basically this blog is all about a human being who unfollowed another human being in their social media account

  2. Comment:come up with something better, breezy have unfollowed drake, Nicki and others so why u focusing all your energy on David?

  3. Who is Davido to Chris Brown that he cannot unfollow?

    Are we expecting Chris to unfollow Drake, Nicki Minaj and other American tops including his girlfriend, family members and leave only Davido? 😄

  4. This is why this country will continue to remain like this. The Press will never be focused on the real challenges this country is facing, they will not focus their searchlights on those who have kept us the way we are. The day they manage to go there, they will scratch the surface like men of God making alter calls. Davido is struggling for his own daily bread just like Chris Brown, so what is the news there that should make headlines if one of them chooses to unfollow the other in a particular social media platform?


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