#DareMeQuestions; JJC Reveals A Better Way To Fart In Public


So the online entertainment platform which dares and asks Celebrities, Icons and daring individuals 10 daring questions is back with a banging Season two this year and yesterday, Rapper, singer and Producer, JJC Skillz was LIVE on online. He shared a few secrets plus he tells #DareMeQuestionsHost – @BossRicky01 what attracts him in a woman’s body and shares a better way to fart in public.

#DareMequestions 1. @JJCSkillz what do you dislike most about your personality?

jjcSkillz – My Honest is too much

#DareMeQuestions 2. @JJCSkillz When was the last time you lost your voice or your voice “cracked”?

JjcSkillz – six months ago a day before a show it cracked and it changed.

#DareMeQuestions 3. @JJCSkillz When you see a pretty Woman, what part of her body attracts you?

JjcSkillz – Shamefully has to be the #eru (Backside or ass)

#DareMeQuestions 4. @JJCSkillz According to popular blogs, you said Don Jazzy and D’banj betrayed you? When was the last time you spoke to them?

JjcSkillz – I was misquoted. We are all in good terms. Together we stand #Awoo

#DareMeQuestions 5. @JJCSkillz (Dare) How much were you paid for your last performance or tweet pic a topless pic of you?

JjcSkillz – I don’t deal with the figures. That’s a question for @Stevespotlight my money JA lol

#DareMeQuestions 6. @JJCSkillz We must say your new video is quite nostalgic but what do you miss about the “old” you?

jjcSkillz – I miss having less responsibilities.

#DareMeQuestions 7. @JJCSkillz Your greatest fear and your most priceless possession? Tell us

JjcSkillz – My greatest fear is giving up my dreams. My most priceless possession is my mind.

#DareMequestions 8. @JJCSkillz Have you ever farted in a public place?

JjcSkillz – Definitely, It’s a natural thing. Better out than in.

#DareMeQuestions 9. @JJCSkillz (Mention with tweet handle) Who do you think is the sexiest female celeb in Nigeria?

JjcSkillz – Muna the rapper is the sexiest.

#DareMeQuestions 10. @JJCSkillz Tell us a secret about you, you’ve never told anyone? And give us an exclusive on something fresh you are working?

JjcSkillz – I’m looking for a wifey. Preparing to release my album April


The interview was conducted by @BossRicky01

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