Danfo Drivers Debunk Rumours Tekno Paid To Settle Them


Music duo of Mad Melon & Mountain Black popularly known as Danfo Drivers open up that the assumption they were paid off my Tekno for using their song is all wrong.

Danfo Drivers had earlier lashed out at Tekno for not seeking appropriate permission from them before sampling their hit song ‘Kpolongo’. Later on a new photo surfaced were Tekno and the Danfo Drivers “chilled” together in a manner which suggests that all is well between the two parties.

However, to set records straight, Danfo Drivers have stated that they didn’t get any money from Tekno as opposed to public views.

One of the member of the group speaking said;

“We didn’t collect any money from Tekno; you can ask him. The deed has been done; we cannot reverse it any longer. He planned to release the video of the song last week. He asked if he could go ahead and we gave him our permission. But I told him we could do a remix later”.  

It was also mentioned that prior to the interview below the Headies Awards Tekno was supposed to meet with them but he was unavailable after calls were placed to him.

“Why would you release a job without telling the owner of the song? When he called that he wanted to see us, I told him we were busy but we should meet at the Headies and he said it was okay. We were invited for the Headies at the Eko Hotel and he lives very close. On that day, we called him and he was not picking up. That was why I granted an interview where I said we were looking for Tekno.

In summary the Danfo Drivers said they weren’t interested in Tekno’s money and that he has been forgiven.


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