Crazy Female Fan Wants To Shag The Heck Out Of Harrysongz


Being a celebrity has its perks and trappings. Everywhere you go you almost instantly get a VIP treatment. Fans show you love in many different ways you can image. Most especially fans of the opposite sex, drool and swoon over you. The emotions hit the roof many times. And it’s all good. On the flip side some fans go to extremes, there are even tales of fans shooting their idols. Others go under the surgical knife just to look like their idols. Yes fans can really do some bizarre things.

Now here is the gist! The celebrity at the receiving end of this “fan extremism” is Harrysongz. So what happened this time?  A very obsessed female fan wants to shag Harrysongz!  That is what you get when you’re “Baba For The Girls”.  This female fan “missongz” says she is deeply in love with the “Reggae Blues” singer,  and she wants him all for herself. Wow she is so selfish, really?

Harrysongz must have had it up to his throat has he revealed the incessant DMs he had been battered with by this lady. Funny enough the obsessed lady admits to having a boyfriend, but she also said she got no love for him. She say na Harrysongz she want and she ready to die on top him matta.

See some serious obsession from this lady as she slides into “Baba For The Girls” DM.


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