CORONAVIRUS: Tanzanian Rapper Mwana FA Tests Positive

Tanzanian rapper, Mwana FA
Tanzanian rapper, Mwana FA

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps spreading as Tanzanian rapper, Mwana FA, has tested positive to the virus.

The rapper went on Instagram to make the announcement via a video.

He explained that he’s test returned positive but has quarantined himself.

He also revealed he had not met with his kids as they were not home.

“The responses to my Covid 19 tests have returned positive. It’s annoying. It’s NOT a mission at all. I’m 100% okay. And I have separated myself when I returned to avoid affecting others. And luckily even my kids haven’t met them at all. They are not home.

“I just ask that we take precautions to the best of our ability to avoid getting caught and even if we are caught with them it is not a problem at all, the virus goes away on its own after only a couple of days. So yeah, we of these countries have been plagued by some of the biggest diseases in our growth, these ‘flu’ and not something to scare us. IT WILL BE ONLY HERE. May we have peace in our hearts,” he wrote.

JAGUDA had reported that Diamond Platnumz’s manager, Sallam Sharaff, tested positive.

As at the time of this report, no Nigerian celebrity or entertainer has been reported positive.

However, a couple of Nigerian musicians have had to cancel their shows and tours in order to stay clear off the infection.

Nigeria’s case has also risen to 27 at the time of this report. With Lagos leading in numbers with 19 cases, Abuja 4, Oyo 1, Ogun 2 and Ekiti 1.


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