CORONAVIRUS: South African Rapper AKA tests Positive


South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes also known as AKA, has tested positive for coronavirus.

The rapper shared a statement via twitter and has decided to go on self-isolation.

He also said he would be sharing his experience at every stage.

AKA took to his Twitter handle to sensitize and warn South Africans. He called on citizens of his country to obey the social distancing rules and also wear a face mask as requested by their government.

“I’m looking forward to de stigmatizing this whole thing. It seems like people only sit up and pay attention when it happens to public figures or those close to them. Unfortunately at some point, we are ALL going to catch it.

“As soon as you feel that cough coming on, that headache … weakness in your muscles. Chills at night. Trust me. GO TEST ASAP. There’s places where they do the swab at the back of your throat, not that insane up your nose one. Do it so you can know what you dealing with.

“Lots of jokes flying around in my mentions … that’s okay. Just remember that people are actually DYING. As in, DEAD … never coming back again from this thing.

“South Africa better wake the fuck up quick … all that jokey jokey stuff is gonna kill you,” AKA twitted.

See statement below.


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