Coronavirus Benefits Akon’s “Lonely & Locked Up”

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As the world battles COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus), several countries have been on total lock down in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

Economies and businesses halted, but one person seems to benefit from the lock-down.

Akon, a famous music entertainer, has just twitted that streams off his hit singles, Lonely and Locked Up, are currently spiking. It simply means the world is relating to the songs as a lot of people are feeling the effects of self isolation.

He went ahead to say with ‘peace and love,’ the world would get over this.

“Streams numbers for Locked up and Lonely are through the roof. I guess a lot of people are feeling the effects of self isolation and this coronavirus, we’ll get through it, peace and love,” the singer wrote.


Lonely & Locked Up by Akon, were released in 2004, It was part of his Trouble album which was widely accepted globally. While ‘Lonely’ was about him being lonely as a result of his lady leaving him, ‘Locke Up’ was basically about him being kept in a confined space.


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