Here comes Solidstar with WEED for you all


Hahahaha…it’s very unusual for a singer to offer a contraband or controlled substance like “WEED” right?  I guess you never saw this coming until it just hit you now. Ehen,  but take a chill pill already.

Yes Solidstar wants to give y’all some “WEED” but it’s far from that thing you thinking (lol I don’t know what you’re thinking tho).

Let me put you out of your misery and wild guess. Actually “WEED” means “Witness Everything Exceptionally Different”. This is the title for his third studio album, which is slated for a September release.

Apparently the title seems a little creative so I would want to believe this LP will get us hit some “high” notes. The “Wait” crooner’s album should make us feel really good -winks.

Keep your fingers crossed, and anticipate to be served with some “WEED”.


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