Chris Brown’s Post Proves “Water Don Pass Garri” – Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy has openly advised artists to come out and engage their fans. This happened after the Mavin boss spotted a post by American superstar Chris Brown on his Instagram story.

Breezy, who was promoting his recent project “INDIGO”, lectured his fans on what to do, to get his album to the top spot.

By doing so, Chris Brown proved that asides being a big artiste, promoting your own content is also essential to your own growth in the industry.

Don Jazzy nicked Chris Brown’s post and wrote; “Dear artists. Times have changed o. This Chris Brown’s post is enough to let you know that water don pass garri. Engage with your fans. This is not the time to form Jugunu for algorithm ooo. Twitter and Instagram Algo no send person.”


A lot of artists are of the opinion that once they are big, there is absolutely no need to promote their content.

The attitude of “Whatever I release would be listened to” may gradually be dying off, or rather, not paying off. It is becoming evident that the success of a project now depends on how well you promote that project.

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