Chris Brown Is On The News Again And Trust Me, This Could Get Messy


American singer and vocalist Chris Brown is on the news again and this time it could get really messy for him. The cops have been hovering around the singers home after they got a report from a lady who claimed that the star pulled a gun on her.

According to TMZ, Chris was chilling with a couple of friends including Ray J who was getting a tattoo when some unwanted guest arrived at his home and were asked to leave. One of the anonymous ladies who placed a call through to the police was one of the uninvited guest claiming that the star threatened her with a gun after an argument involving both parties.

However, a witness who was also inside Chris’s crib mentioned that the lady’s claim was false as Chris had been sleeping the whole time. Ray J was also flagged down by the police, interrogated, handcuffed and seized his BMW which they claimed was an evidence. He was later left to walk free after checking his ID.

At the time of the report, there was no response from Chris Brown only that he has been making provocative gestures at the police. TMZ also stated that SWAT were on their way to the house as LAPD were trying hard to get a search warrant to see if the weapon mentioned by the lady matched that of Chris Browns. The police finally succeeded by retrieving at least a gun with other weapons and drugs after he threw a duffel bag outside his window, a witness claimed.



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