Cardi B Is Trying To Be A Nigerian Citizen. #WW3 Trends

cardi b nigeria citizenship

Why would Cardi B want to be a Nigerian citizen you ask? Does she love Nigeria that much when she visited last month? Well, with news that an Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, has been killed by the US airstrikes, twitter has been buzzing with the possibility of that attack triggering off World War 3.

Of course like everything on twitter and the internet, memes and jokes have been flying around since last night. Most of them of Americans joking about abandoning the US for other countries in the event of a world war started by the US.

That’s what prompted Cardi B to put out this tweet:

Hey Cardi! You’re more than welcome to bring that energy and the riches to Naija. We’ll take you with open arms.



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