Canadian Singer “The Weeknd” Names Album After Wizkid; STARBOY!


Okay now, everybody seems to be on a “Wizkid Frenzy”, just this time popular Canadian singer and Grammy Awards winner The Weeknd has titled his next album after our own Wizkid.


The gist is that the “Earned It” crooner The Weeknd has revealed the title of his third studio album “STAR BOY”.

But y’all know who goes by that moniker “Star Boy”. Wizkid! Aka Star Boy, honcho of Starboy Entertainment and Starboy Worldwide.

In a twist of fate both stars Wizkid and The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye share two striking similarities.

Both music stars are 26 years old, born in 1990.

Both artistes have two albums to their names, and are gearing up for the release of third studio albums. Wizkid’s third album to be named “Sounds From The Other Side” and The Weeknd “Star Boy”.

And some folks couldn’t hide their feelings about this and share same on twitter.





  1. Most definitely everyone is a star. But what I don’t understand is why Nigerians now think WizKid has copyrights to that name?

    That name is just a name, and nothing more.

    All this Twitter lions should stop bring a Nigerian Celebrity like WizKid into such petty discussions.


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