Brymo Unveils Album Cover for “YELLOW”


Brymo has unveiled the official album cover for his highly anticipated album”Yellow“.

The album is scheduled to drop in April.

Apparently, the art was created by an artist, Samuel Ancestor, who named the art “Insight and Frustrations 2020”.

Turned out Brymo saw the art and decided to use it as the official album cover.

However, at first sight, all he saw was an angry lady but after several conversations, he was drawn to the art.

“Big S/O to @samuelancestor for the gift of a timeless art piece… at first gaze when it was being made I called it “the angry lady”, and then a conversation I was having with my friends about yellow came up at the sight of the jacket the lady wore..hope of happiness someone said, in the midst of the darkness around and inside her. Yellow!,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

Samuel on the other hand, was thankful that his art was picked for Brymos’ Yellow album.

“I’m happy to announce that my artwork “Insight and Frustrations” 2020. has been chosen by @brymolawale for his official album, “Yellow”.”


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