Is Brymo Throwing Shade At Flavour With His Latest Tweets?


Brymo has had his fare share of controversy. We don’t need to go into that, and one thing we know he’s very good at is throwing sub messages on twitter. I mean we’ve seen a lot of it from him in the past, but the latest series of tweets kinda leaves us scratching our heads. His album, Tabula Rasa, was released a few weeks ago, and has been selling on iTunes but no knowledge of physical album sales have been noted as of yet.

Is it at the former label? Is it at Flavour, who just had information released that he sold 1 million copies of his album Thankful in 5 days? Is it at someone totally random that we don’t know? It’s kind of hard to say because he starts off in one direction and ends in another.

Check out the tweets and you tell us what you think… and yes, it’s kind of our business 🙂



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