Brymo Talks Being Used By Choc City Even After Law Suit


We had earlier told you that Chocolate City is currently suing songwriter and composer Olawale Ashimi, better known as Brymo for over 20 million invested in the music act.

Brymo on the other hand has decided to speak out as regards the issue and he really feels he has been cheated and been a fool all the time he spent with Choc City record label. So when Choc City is talking of slapping the act with a law suit, Brymo feels used by the Label.

Speaking to Sahara reporters, the klitoris crooner said; I was a fool there was no contract, Oleku was a probono work not a dime was made for Brymo from it so I felt like maybe because I didn’t have a contract and I was new, maybe that was my trial period but after so I signed a contract in April 2011, but guess what, nothing changed, the label still didn’t provide money for upfront which was in the contract, they were supposed to provide money for every single project”.

Watch full clip here;



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