Brymo Finally Speaks On Album Title “Klitoris”

brymo klitoris

After an uproar on the social media, song writer and singer Brymo decided to explain the reason behind the album title “Klitoris”. Brymo pulled a lot of attention to himself even that of YBNL‘s boss, Olamide was captured as he took to twitter to comment on the album title. If you missed the whole action, you can look it up here !!!.

However, Tate Music Group act has a perfect explanation for the “Klitoris” title. Brymo wrote; “It’s a Greek word for ‘key’. It is where the word ‘clitoris’ itself originates. This album is the key to a certain door I have knocked on for years; and yes it was meant to be sensual, there ought to be two sides to the coin.”

While speaking on the album art which people felt it was also creepy, Brymo described it as just art !!

“It is not surprising to find that the album art for “Klitoris” had a strange appearance to complement the album name. “It is art, some might find it to be creepy, but it is just art.”

Here’s the original album art for “Klitoris” but according to Brymo, aggregators turned it down due to its pornography content so it had to be edited.


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