Brymo attacks fan who called him “rapist”

brymo klitoris

Brymo has responded to a certain Twitter fan who called him a “rapist”.

“stop projecting your behavior on here, go register yourself as a sex offender…. don’t wait till you are nabbed by the law, pls,” Brymo wrote.

Recall that Brymo has been called out on Twitter for alleged rape.

In April, 2020, the social space came for Brymo as a certain Twitter handle accused the singer of rape. The handle laid several allegations.

Brymo responded saying his accuser should put a face to her claim.

Later on in June, 2020, Brymo took to his handle to ask a sarcastic question. “Is Rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days ??,” he said.

Fans came hard at him for making such a tweet.

Fast forward to today, that ‘rape’ tag has some up again and Brymo has quickly responded to the Twitter user.

Yesterday, he released two albums. Both albums had nine tracks each, one in English the other in Yoruba.

See response below.


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