Boogey and Paybac (AKA The Lost & Found) release new Album “FACE OFF”


About The Lost & Found:
The Lost & Found is a duo consisting of Nigerian Hip Hop artistes, David Iye Odey (Boogey) and Caleb Iboro-Obong Hanson (Paybac). Each rapper already having an impressive solo run with three bodies of work to his name, the MCs execute a fusion of their distinct styles, orchestrated by producer Charlie X (Solo works can be found on and for Boogey and Paybac respectively).

The origin of the name “The Lost & Found” is explained by a common phase in their lives and careers where they fully bloom into their identities and accept that they are the anomaly. A perfect analogy would be a superhero who goes from rookie to finally figuring out how to control his powers. The first manifestation would be in the form of the album titled “Face Off”.

About Face Off:

“Face Off” is a collaboration album from Nigerian MCs, Boogey and Paybac (The Lost & Found). It is the first album of its kind around these parts.

The idea behind the collaboration and the title of the project came from a “90s movie” perspective. Both MCs weave in and out of scenes ranging from action to fantasy and drama, to create one big picture. The album boasts of stellar production from Charlie X, Sizzle PRO and Black Intelligence.




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