“Boo of the Booless” Chike Seeks Relationship Advice


Ladies! “Boo of the Booless,” Chike, is currently seeking relationship advice.

The Roju singer wants to know if he should date again or concentrate on his future.

Chike whose songs speak to the romantic side of his fans maybe seeking some direction this time around.

He posted a short clip on his Instagram page that suggested he needed some help with some advice.

What is your advice for the young lad? Relationship or future?

Drop your comments below.

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Advice me 😒

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  1. Priorities matters, for me I would say it depends on you, try to manage both hand in hand, if u want a successful and peaceful relationship, u need a well settled life and career, it’s very natural that everyone will think about companionship atbone stage of their life.


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