Blackface Calls Ex Bandmate 2Baba An Illiterate


Blackface of the defunct  Plantashun Boiz has called former bandmate 2baba an illiterate.

Blackface made the libel on 2baba when the latter showed support for a planned protest against the Federal Government on the 5th of February.

He wrote thus:

LETS EDUCATE THE ILLITERATE AS HE LEADS THE PROTEST. I read Tuface Idibia’s verbal tirade in Vanguard in which he said he will be leading a protest against Buhari on the 5th of February for among other things not paying salaries of civil servants.
I think he needs to be educated about the efforts of the Buhari administration: So far Buhari has released three bail out funds to the 36 states in Nigeria totalling over N1.5 trillion in the last 18 months.
Apart from this another trillion was released as Paris Club refund money to the 36 states. Buhari emphasized the need for the states to prioritize the payment of salaries of workers and pensions of pensioners as these states receive the money.
Unfortunately, instead of some states to use the funds to pay off civil servants and pensioners salary and pension arrears they chose to loot the funds. A governor of one of the South South states siphoned N3b of the funds using his mistress as a front and now the mistress has run away with the funds. Tuface Idibia you can now see why Nigerians are suspicious of the motive and source of the funds for the protest you want to embark on. Why didn’t you lead a protest against these governors who mismanaged the Buhari bail out funds and the Paris Club refund money? Why did you not protest against GEJ’s looting of N51 trillion naira and the Godswill Akpabio alleged looting of over N1 trillion naira from the Akwa Ibom state treasury for which he is being prosecuted by the EFCC? Why didn’t you protest Akpabio’s alleged corrupting of a Supreme Court justice who is currently being tried for corrupt practices on the bench? Is it because you are a corruption apologist? Is it because you are the agent of corruption fighting back? Is it because you are part of desperate plot to poison the hearts and minds against a fantastically incorruptible President who fights the corrupt no matter whose ox is gored? We your fans want to assure you that if you go ahead with this protest we will reevaluate our support for you and it may be downhill for you afterwards. Rethink your actions and reflect deeply.


  1. No wonder your names are Black Face because your heart and mind is Darkened and I am suspecting You and one unfortunate PROF. Why call 2baba names? You don’t deserve support in any manner. You Shameless anti Democratic Governance. Have they bought you? How is your Family economy? You Cheap. I hate you the so called Prof for Calling 2baba Bloody Illiterate. Are you educated? Fool and Educated Illiterate like you and your father Prof Akindele Adetoye. Doom will be your lineage portions. Black Face and Professor my foot. Feb 05 2017 Will be a success and our voice will be heard enough of bad governance. Alibaba wrote against the illicit killings carried out by Fullani Herdsmen and other mayhem . you here seeking for a cheap recognition.

  2. Black face you have always been an unnecessary enemy to 2baba. Why not out grow the hating and move on. you have not advice him but you have insulted his personality which is so bad of you and it shows your maturity. You might be very educated but been rude and insultive will always downgrade you and make you sound like a street boy that can read and write. Besides everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I don’t see anything wrong in what 2baba is planing to do on the 5th of February. And for the economy state of the nation, its all buhari led government fault and don’t call ex president Jonathan into it. you said you studied banking and finance but you never sounded like one. what dis your lecturer told you about Multiplier effect and savings? both of this means of generating money buhari govt has locked up so how will the money flow? pls make peace with 2baba so you can grow. TrueBlues

  3. Comment:I think is you Blackface that need to be educated in this protest cos 2baba made mention of many things which includes payment of salaries,fulani herdsmen which is insecurity,price of petrol,desiel,kerosine,and reception. but you people are using hatred to tackle him, no body care for the poor people but 2baba care pls live 2face alone cause we are joining him in the protest Blackface go and eat and die with your corrupt politicians

  4. Comment: you’re nauseating. you’re the illiterate here as even an acute illiterate wouldn’t put this shameful attitude

  5. My brother blackface. l do not know you too well and l am not a fan of 2face.However, am a supporter of people with good intentions more so when it concerns the ordinary people of this country. l am in support of this protest and may l remind you Mr blackface that the people are the power and if the policies of any government in power is affecting and impacting on the people negatively our only weapon is thru protest to correct bad governance. My brother 2face march on we are solidly behind you

  6. Comment:black face is a bittered ashole that is frustrated and confused in life. looking for a small opportunity to be recognized at the detriment of 2baba. 2baba is successful in all his endeavor ,but u what exactly do u do for survival? get a life.

  7. Comment: I sincerely not blame this black thing… good people of Nigeria, pls don’t be surprised about this black guy with his burnt brain now mind…is just a result of abuse of hard drugs like…e.g India hemp, gegemu, bana, heroine n gum…
    2baba, pls make this black thing a topic in the protect… let him know how important he needs to watch his tough…
    Black Mind, Nigerians are in support of the protest…get it to head… stupidity

  8. TU BABA,can u include me in the protest i stand for ur back 24/7 and my brother dnt spoil dis move,there is time for all man blessing,dnt envy any one ur grace is already by ur side.LOOK UPON GOD cannot come from man.NIGERIANS ARE SUFFFERING

  9. Comment:2face is infact an illiterate…
    it is clear that d FOOL( 2face or whatever he calls himself) is being used by our currupt leaders to implement their agenda against this incorruptible patriot of a president( Buhari)..
    he (2face) should stick 2’what he is good at which is IMPREGNATING and spreading his bastard seeds around Lagos and its environs..
    thank u Mr Black face 4 educating this IDIOT that did Nt have half the brain to Finnish school..
    only ILLITERATES and FOOL like u( 2face), will join u on ur blackmail march..

  10. Haba, all of you supporting Tuface are fools. Must u all just jump to conclusion. Black face is making so much sense here. Buhari is trying his best but currupt leaders around him are not making him perform. Honestly we need to educate You FOOLS supporting TUFACE. mumu people

  11. Dont mind dem jare, both black face and multiple pickin father (Tuface) are cowards.They planned this controversy from a reliable source.

  12. Comment:@ Alade you are the very big stooge i mean a fool without shame. The Presidency knows how they run things. is Buhari not aware of the country situation even when GEJ bemoans the carbals in his kitchen cabinet which the immunity of self acclaim law made them untouchable even when they were picked as the BH sponsors what was Buhari stands? because of his desperation for power he made reckless and vain promises that is unrealistic and that is the resultant unpalatable situation of delima we found ourselves in this country. So Enough to Vain campaign promises and propaganda.

  13. Comment:peter alkali wait a minute, have a throw back into blackface lyrics and type of music u would understand that he fights for the masses. he has always been preaching against corrupt practices by our leaders. in all he has at a time be hunted by some leaders I would not mention names…. please tell me since you said 2baba is generous and fighting for the masses, his much has he putting into this protest? is he that generous? where does he get his moñey isn’t it from the street? how much has he return to the street? you think a protest is the best he could ever do for you,I am is true fan, I appreciate plantation boiz. when blackface talk to 2face he known him well so you don’t need to speak for the other. I respect you 2baba and I honour you blackface the tribunal soldier….

  14. If you argue: that Buhari is trying; that he is a good man; that if not for the presence of sabotage sages in his government things would not have been this bad and the effect of his goodwill would have been felt by Nigerians, i agree with you. But you cannot argue that people are not suffering, that naira is not losing its value daily, that lives are not been lost daily to nefarious acts by boko haram, fulani herdsmen and other dangerous sects; that jobs are not been lost and starvation is on the rise; that Nigeria is not loosing its potential youths to the international community-even Ghana and Togo. This means that the president needs caution; people have to rise and tell him we are no longer enjoying this. Its time they stop taking Nigerians unseriously. So, brother blackface, i think 2baba is trying to tell Buhari that though he mean well for Nigerians, his best is not enough, because despite his good intentions it is resplendent that people are suffering. So whether he (Buhari) is a good man or not is not the concern of the people. This protest is necessary because nothing seem to be working. In this country, One cant set any plan based on a cost over a period of time because of high inflation. Nothing works. We all need to stand up and make him and his team realise we need real change.


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