Black and Blue? White and Gold? The Internet Is Going Crazy Over The Colors Of This Dress

black and blue, white and gold dress

There we were chilling on twitter when this debate engulfed our whole timeline, and it’s about the color of a dress that is Black and Blue or White and Gold depending on who’s seeing it. Weird huh?

You would think the whole world went color blind.

Here’s the dress in question:

black and blue or white and gold

Now along with many tweets debating if the dress if black and blue or white and gold came some pretty hilarious tweets and memes.


TAYLOR SWIFT chimed in also

… And so did Kim K

The Memes flourished too

black and blue dress kendrick

black and blue dress meme

black and blue kylie jenner


So what was the final verdict?

The dress is in fact Black and Blue, but if the lighting on the image is really bright it looks more White and Gold. Or better yet if it’s inverted on a color scale. Odd yea?

black and blue, white and gold dress

Either way, we’re glad that was resolved without getting to World War III.



  1. This dress is only ever going to be black and blue if you have eye problems

    Run the flippin photo through ANY image software and “eyedropper” ANY pixel in the image. The resulting software analysis will be …
    all shades of GOLD in the main color areas
    all shades of LIGHT BLUE up to WHITE in the light area.

    Not one software program could possibly present the image pixels as blacks or dark blues EVER !!

    Whoever is seeing this dress as blacks and dark blues needs an eye color test.


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