Beyonce-Style Surprise Or Album Leak? How Exactly Did WizKid’s Album Get Released?


Did WizKid pull a Beyonce-Style surprise album release or did his album get leaked to iTunes; Which is really weird is that’s the case.

Just yesterday, Wizkid announced via twitter that his highly anticipated 2nd album, Ayo (Joy) will be released in “6 days” which would’ve put the album release date at September 22/23rd.

However sometime this afternoon, we were caught by surprise when all of a sudden the album was on itunes, and instantly social media went ablaze. However WizKid didn’t necessarily sound like someone who just dropped a surprise album, as he dropped a tweeting saying that the album was leaked. On iTunes? That would be almost impossible. Even though he deleted the tweet later but the message was passed across.

Now there are 2 stories out there. One being the album was dropped as a surprise which kind of fails with whole the Beyonce idea since there was actually a scheduled release date unlike Beyonce’s which was dropped completely out of thin air. The 2nd being that the album was leaked somehow on iTunes, and that also doesn’t make too much sense especially since the album is still up for sale on there and nothing has been done to stop it.

Whatever you think happened, what we do know is that the album is out on iTunes now. So definitely go cop it, and we hope the money goes to him sha.

Do you think WizKid’s album was released as a surprise or it was leaked?

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  1. Leak my a$$…well except his label is whom he’s referring to?
    But like you pointed out it’s impossible to leak an album to itunes…all na marketing strategy


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