Between OAP Freeze, His Ex-Wife And Domestic Abuse Allegations

cool fm freeze and wife

Cool FM’s radio personality has never been shy about openly discussing his marriage and subsequent divorce, and as it turns out, yesterday, Freeze went on record to claim that he was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of his ex-wife.

In a picture he posted on his instagram page, he stated “I thank GOD for the fact that I don’t have to wake up beside a violent adulteress! It’s 12 minutes to 5 on the 12th of July all I have is praise for the Almighty!”

But he wasn’t done yet.

Shortly after, he posted pictures of injuries he sustained during encounters with his ex-wife, and gave more details on his ordeal in marriage.

“Another incident when my ex tried to strangle me! Do you want more pictures? I can go on for weeks posting these pictures. I used to be like this at least 2ce every month. Yet my Pastor adviced me to stay and that divorce is a sin…..After the separation I realized that my life was far more important than the institute of marriage. Every moment spent with an abusive partner COULD BE YOUR LAST! Leave while you can! I have chosen not to speak up until now for my children’s sake. But when a woman believes she has been scorned because of a horrible past that was no fault of mine and transfers the aggression to me and is hell bent on destroying my very essence I must speak! I speak for every broken man, every battered man and every abused man who is suffering endlessly and needlessly in the hands of a woman because of ‘marriage’ to gather the strength to speak now!”


His ex-wife however has denied all of these allegations and said she has never been violent, and went to accuse Freeze of using their divorce for publicity. In a press statement released to the press, she also stated that Freeze is desperately seeking attention.


I have received calls and inquiries from friends and family who have drawn my attention to the recent posts emanating from the social media from my estranged and soon to be ex-husband, Ifedayo Olarinde.

Before now, he has tried ceaselessly and without any restraint to upset and assassinate my character but I have decided to keep my calm because it is not in my character to sensationalize issues.

I would like to state here categorically that I AM NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN A VIOLENT ADULTERESS!

I understand that he is desperately seeking attention and publicity to generate a livelihood, but it is unnecessary to peddle lies and traumatize both the children and I in the process.

I wish him well and will still make time to pray for him despite the fact that he is keen on destroying us to make space for his new family.

Thank you.



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