Bella Alubo Calls Out Tinny Entertainment For Owing Her

Bella Alubo and Arokodare Timilehin
Bella Alubo and Arokodare Timilehin

Bella Alubo has called out her former label Tinny Entertainment over money they owe her.

The Afropop singer, has not been in good terms with the estrange label and had parted ways with them.

Via tweet, Bella called out the label’s CEO, Arokodare Timilehin, to pay her.

She went on to say if she was owing the label, they should take it out of her cheque and pay the balance.

She threatened to make the label pay for their actions if she is being denied her cheque.

“TFJ has over 5 million streams on spotify alone. if i owe you money then take the figure out & run me my fucking cheque @smalltinny !! zero account statements, zero business ethics, zero conscience. wild how you really think there’s a world where you’ll get away with this.

“$34,909 from 2 platforms alone off 1 project. even if you split that in half ive paid you with substantial change on it. if you don’t do the needful you’re a vile evil man & trust me i WILL make you pay in both our lifetimes,” she wrote.

Bella is not the only artiste to sound his displeasure with the record label. YCee, a former member, was also vocal as they had been in and out of court with the label.


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