BBA Update: Tanzanian House Mate, Nando Kicked Out Of ‘Big Brother Africa – The Chase’ House


Tanzania’s Nando has been disqualified from the Big Brother House. This came shortly after the eviction show that saw Annabel & Sulu being given the boot from the house.

Big Brother reproached Nando for the fight that he had with Elikem on Friday. The heated face-off with Elikem saw the two fellas exchanging fiery words between them. Nando is the one that instigated the fight. Instigation and provocation is a violation of the Big Brother rules, and so therefore this sees Nando disqualified from the rest of the contest. This was his 3rd strike and hence no excuses.

He was given his third Strike for making threats against Elikem’s life, saying: “I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die”.

And he was also caught sleeping with scissors under his bed and this is not the first time that he has been caught with a weapon in the House. The troubled young fellow has had a dramatic nine weeks in The Chase. Last month he was served with a a Strike and a stern warning from Big Brother after he was found carrying a knife to the Channel O Party. The possession of weapons or intention to be violent in the House another violation of the Big Brother rules.

After the Diary session Nando was told to immediately exit the House. Big Brother then gave a warning to the Housemates to conduct themselves as adults.


  1. I still love him though, a lively guy, kindhearted and defensive but harmless I bet ya’ll…How would he have been remembered unless he won?


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