BasketMouth Catches Heat From Social Media Over Insensitive Joke About Rape


BasketMouth is one of Nigeria’s funnier comedians and one of the biggest at that, and he’s bagged a bunch of awards, done a lot of international shows, and has endorsement deals all over.

His latest joke though is not likely to make many laugh, and many have taken to facebook and twitter to voice their dislike for the distasteful and insensitive joke. In the joke he was attempted to distinguish between dating a white girl vs dating an African girl and how it all leads to sex. Here is the joke.

White girls:
1st date: Coffee
2nd date: Kiss
3rd date: sex

African girls:
1st date: Fast food
2nd date: Hug
3rd date: Chinese restaurant
4th date: kiss
5th date: Attempted sex but failed
6th date: Shopping
7th date: Cinema, new phone, more shopping
8th date: Attempted sex but failed
9th date: RAPE

He has since deleted the joke from facebook but we were able to get a screen grab via twitter.

image (1)

In a country where countless rapes go unreported and unpunished, it probably wasn’t the best idea of joke coming from him, or what do you think?

He has since apologized for the joke, even though the apology seems unapologetic really.




    • Ode, “e may just loose his……” my yansh… wetin you know. go and watch american comedians when una dey emulate. they crack a joke with anything.
      If you dont know what to say… find the next bus to 3rd mainland bridge. IDIOT


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