Barry Jhay Arrested In Ghana Over The Death Of His Record Label Boss Kashy


Nigerian singer Barry Jhay has been arrested by the Ghanaian police over the death of his record boss Babatunde “Kashy” Abidoun.

We reported earlier that Barry Jhay’s boss, CEO of Cash Nation Records allegedly committed suicide. It was reported that Kashy jumped off the balcony of his house and crashed to death.

Earlier before Kashy’s death, he had a fight with Barry Jhay and punched the singer in the mouth.

Following the fight between the two parties, Ghanaian police suspect that Kashy’s death may have been related to the previous fight. Barry Jhay has therefore been arrested and taken into custody.

More investigations are currently ongoing over the death of the Cash Nation Records boss. At the moment Barry Jhay remains prime suspect in this case.


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