Banky W Scribbles Open Letter to Bachelors and Bachelorettes alike.

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Bankole Wellington a well-known Nigerian music singer, popularly known by his moniker Banky W has posted a very thorough and thoughtful open letter to the vast majority of single men and women in the society.

The RnB star singer uploaded a beautiful picture of his now married celebrity friends, Tunde Demuren, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and lastly Olamide Adedeji all wearing their wedding bands and tagged it, “Last man standing” in view of his relationship status, obviously very single at present.

Banky W posited that he had posted the letter in response to a backlash from a very concerned fan who was rather baffled by the reality that he, Bankole Wellington was the only one in his league of friends that was unwed despite his full eligibility.

The letter goes thus: “if I got a million naira every time I am asked when I will marry, I’d be a billionaire, but thankfully I am not the only person in this situation”.

“My fellow Bachelors and Bachelorrettes, for too long we have been teased, harassed and tormented by society with “When will you marry?”., “When is your wedding day?”., and “it is getting out of hand”.

“You don’t see us going around to old people asking them please when is your funeral.

These days, I can’t even post Good morning on social media, without someone saying yes, but it will be a better morning when you marry.

It is with this in mind that GidiLove was created.

The song is in defence of all single people in Lagos and all over the world, some of us are just not ready.

Some of us are single and searching, but it hasn’t worked out yet. There are others who may just not want to get married at all. The point is that in the words of the great Skales it is Nobody’s Business.

By God’s grace we will get there and we will settle down with the right person and live happily ever after.

But until then, please leave us alone because the same people who are pressuring us and talking us into marriage, are the same people who will mock us and talk about us if the marriage ends quickly.

If it is party rice you people want, we will give you party rice and peppered fish and some Cîroc to wash it down but leave us and our single status alone.

My fellow single people, waste no time in downloading GidiLove today so the nesxt time someone asks you those annoying questions, just smile and play the jam for them”.

“By Order of the most Eligible Bachelor in Lagos”, Bankole Wellington declared.


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