April 2015 Issue Of Vogue features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian novelist and short story writer. She has been called “the most prominent” of a “procession of critically acclaimed young anglophone authors that is succeeding in attracting a new generation of readers to African literature” she is also Beyoncé’s favourite feminist. The talented Multi award winning writer in an interview with the April issue of Vogue, discussed broadly about her career, life, Feminism and so much more.. check it out below

About Oppressed women she said

“Makes me angry.  I can’t not be angry. I don’t know how you can just be calm. My family says to me, ‘Oh, you’re such a man!’ – you know, very lovingly… But of course I’m not, I just don’t see why I shouldn’t speak my mind.”

She got into trouble for speaking her mind in Nigeria: when an interviewer addressed her as Mrs Chimamanda Adichie, she corrected him, saying she wished to be known as “Ms”, which the journalist reported as “Miss”.
Her insistence on her own family name was all over the news here last spring. She should be happy to be addressed as “Mrs”, she was told, since she was, after all, married. She laughs now, but it’s clear the story still disturbs her. “It was the lack of gratitude on my part for having a husband. And yet I didn’t want to proclaim it: I wanted to claim my own name.”


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