“Any Nigerian That Defends Any Politician Being Persecuted Will Suffer For The Rest Of His Life”- Seun Kuti Warns


Just like his father Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Afrobeat act Seun Kuti has picked up a perfect line for himself and he’s never scared to share his thoughts regardless of who gets offended. 

The Musician who always braces up to pour out mind pondering words out to the public has released yet another controversial statement. This time, he used Facebook as his medium to express his thoughts without mincing words by saying any Nigerian who supports a politician on trail for corruption will be cursed. He said:

“Any Nigerian that defends any politician being persecuted will suffer for the rest of his life and the remainder will pass on to their next generation. Any one that complains that justice is selective and hasn’t complained before when real innocent ordinary Nigerians are thrown in kirikiri for years without trail will never have a thing positive attached to their lineage. In the name of our ancestors. Ashe !!!!”

Well said you gotta say. 



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