ANALYSIS: Being In Love Has Made Davido A Better Artiste


A lot of you would agree that the year 2017 was undeniably that of the DMW boss, David Adedeji Adeleke also known as Davido.

From the word “GO”, Davido was consistent.

But that aside. Davido’s tunes from last year up till now, portrays a man in true love and it has made him a better artiste as well.

Let us walk you down memory lane;


Released February 17, 2017 and produced by Tekno, IF, was the jam of the year. The one tune that got every Nigerian like “TATY billion for the accounty oohh.”

If i tell you say i love ohh, My money my body nah your own oh baby“. Davido reassured bae, that his love goes hand in hand with his depth of wealth.


OBO teased his fans with a leak version on the 21st of May, 2017. That watered the soil till the original tune dropped on the 2nd of June, 2017.

Surely, Davido delivered the aura of too much money but never the less, the LOVE syndrome was present in this tune.

He sure did well to remind the girl that the benefits of his success had surely rubbed off her. Recall this “MONEY fall on you, BANANA fall on you, PAPARAZI follow on you, PRADA fall on you cause i’m in LOVE with you“.


May the soul of his lost friend Tagbo, rest in peace but this was a break in transmission, nevertheless, out of love.

FIA was was released on the 10th of November, 2017, after the death of his friend Tagbo who allegedly died as a result of too much alcohol in his system. The drama got crazy when the DMW boss was accused by Danjuma Caroline for having a finger in his friends death.

After a series of investigation by the Lagos state police, the singer was freed from all suspicion.

Davido expressed a lot of passion, power and love on this track but being the OBO that he is, the money factor still played out here.


Rolling over to 2018, Davido still sounds like someone genuinely in love. This artiste took advantage of the valentine to deliver just the right song for the season. His debut single for the year “Flora My Flawa” showcased the musician as a lovestruck soul. Davido employs all necessary similes and metaphors to describe his girl and and how far he can go for her.

Time and time again, artistes sing about love, but something about Davido’s lyrics show this love must be real.


At this point the cat has been let out of the bag. We all know who has gotten OBO madly in love. Chef Chioma! After publicizing his relationship with Chioma, Davido plays the ultimate lover by actually releasing a song “Assurance” solely dedicated to his girlfriend. Like he has been talking about spoiling his lover with money, love and affection in previous singles, Davido lived up his lyrics by actually spoiling Chioma on her birthday. We all know of the Porsche gift and all other stuff Davido has done to become a typical example of a lover boy.

It goes to show that love is a beautiful thing, and those emotions can be harnessed into making chart-topping singles like the DMW boss. If we take a clue from Davido we would say love has a way of bringing out the best in you.

Love is the strongest drug there is out there and very frankly OBO is hooked on this. He has chosen wisely!


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