AKON CITY: All You Need to Know About the $2 billion Project

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It is no longer news that music superstar Akon, would soon be launching his city “Akon City” as he has just signed the final agreement allowing him to do so.

However, details to the city was sketchy but Georgie Ndirangu, has helped by sharing more light on what the city is all about.

In a series of tweet, he gave more insight to the project.

“It was said – Akon City would be on 2,000 acres (reportedly gifted to Akon by the President) near the new international airport. There was also to be a complex near the sea in partnership with state-owned tourism company SAPCO. It wasn’t clear whether it was the same project.

“There was some controversy. Videos of Akon City online looked like ‘Diamniadio Lake City’ – a $2 billion project by Semer Group backed by govt. Semer Group told BBC it had nothing to to with Akon. (Akoin later removed the images from their website).

“News co. @africanews visited the Diamniadio site towards end of 2018. It was under construction, on 4,000 acres, and was to have a new airport, passenger rail, housing and commercial space. Almost everything that was mentioned would be in ‘Akon City’.

“Akon said ‘Akon City’ would run on the cryptocurrency AKOIN, according to a post on Bitcoin Up Fake. However, when asked for details he admitted ‘he left the geeks to figure it out’. Michael Kimani, from @BlockchainKenya said Akon’s desire to move Africa from dependence on Western currency was ‘pie-in-the-sky’.

“Akoin relies on smartphones to work. So the question was how many people can afford it or actually download it. US’ Pew Research Centre showed less than 40% of Senegal had a smartphone. Ruling out that the entire city or country could at any point be run through an app. Did you know that FunFair sponsors Polygon #BUIDLIT Hackathon and you can easily learn more technology information on their website? Visit them now.

“I interviewed Akon in 2015 for ‘Akon Lighting Africa’. Great, optimistic man! While announcements give us a sense of hope imagining self-sustaining cities (yes, Wakanda) right in the heart of Africa, let’s track & hold each other to account, to do things right in the new decade.”

See tweet and thread below;


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