Afro-Candy Throws Shades At Nicki Minaj, Calls Her A Copy Cat


US-based Nollywood actress Judith Mazagwu, aka Afrocandy, threw shades at the American singer and hip hop star, Nicki Minaj, accusing her of copying her dress style.  According to her, she had an outfit for a while but because of weight, she had to wait a bit to shed some pounds only for her to see Minaj in that same dress.

“I’ve had this outfit for a while but was waiting to lose weight before I could wear it, then I saw Nicki Minaj wearing a similar outfit.

I said to myself, mmmmh; this person is copying my style. So yesterday, a fan called me. I was complaining about my weight and tummy, he told me not to worry that my fans love me the way I am with the big stomach.

That gave me a lot of confidence even though I hear it all the time. I guess I am gonna stop worrying and flaunt myself the way I am. This is how I am rolling out today, I am bringing sexy look back!”, she wrote on her social handle.




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