Adele Accused of Copying A Song Done By Turkish Musician Ahmet Kaya


Adele is facing some heat currently as fans of Turkish musician have accused her of plagiarism with respect to a song done by Turkish musician, Ahmet Kaya. 

The song in question is Adele’s Million Years Ago off her just released record breaking album, 25. Many are saying her song is a bit too similar to an 80s song by an artist called Ahmet Kaya.

The Turkish singer recorded Acilara Tutunmak (or Clinging to Pain) back in 1985. However he died about 15 years ago. 

According to BBC, the singer’s wife Gulten Kaya had this to say about the controversy.

“It is unlikely that she would do such a thing. However, if she consciously did it, then it would be theft,” she said.

Here’s the song by Ahmet Kaya:

…. And Adele’s Million Years Ago


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