Actress Foluke Daramola Talks On Why Men Indulge In Rape


Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola who launched a foundation called ‘Passion Against Rape in Africa’ (PARA) has been a sole advocate of rape victims in Nigeria. On speaking to Playground TV, the busty Actress revealed why men indulge in rape with the excuse of indecent dressing and loads of other reasons as stated below.

“There are high rape cases in the country because men lack self-control and are motivated by what they see”

“It is not about indecent dressing. If you see the trend of things now, you will see that the rape victims are more of the pedophiles (men who sexually abuse children). You can’t tell me that have to do with their mode of dressing. What about the society that go n9de? We still find out that their men still control themselves, so to a large extent that cannot be attributed to their mode of dressing”

“Most of the times you find out that a lot of men dwell on the indecent dressing to hide their weaknesses under it. If you look at the trend of rape in Africa and Nigeria precisely now, it does not have anything to do with the young ladies because you find out that most adults that are teenagers that have been raped, most of them have one or two things that have consented to it so most times they don’t even go to report. But the cases that we have that are predominant in Nigeria now are mostly pedophiles which a lot of people are not taking cognizance of.

“The perpetrator of the act already has a pre-planned mind and most of the time the act is carried out at night. Why do they do that at night is because they know that if they grab the woman in daylight, they will be dealt with. So it is a process that has already been planned in the brain and you know that this is the direction that you want to go.”


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