A Producer Has Made A Hip-Hop Beat For Igwe Tupac’s ‘Shine’


Look! We don’t make these things up. Sometimes I wish we did, but no… it happens in real life.

So you might have seen the viral video floating around twitter earlier this week. It features our favorite Nollywood “yankee accent” actor, Igwe Tupac (real name Charles Okocha). The video shows ‘Igwe Tupac’ saying something about shining… yea.. Actually he repeatedly says the words “you know I’m gon’ shine like I’m gon shine” and then slowly starts crying because… you know… he has to shine.

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Well, Ice Prince‘s producer, TMXO decided to take it upon himself to bless us with a beat that is pretty based on Igwe Tupac’s video. The beat obviously features samples from the clip, and is actually not bad. We’re sure someone will hop on it soon, and we’re really hoping whoever jumps on it first features Igwe Tupac also.

That will be epic. Here goes 


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