A Message from D’Banj On Aluu Killings


A message from Dbanj:

They were my brothers…and yours.

Five days ago, I woke up to yet another unspeakable tragedy.

Four young men, all undergraduates, brimming with great dreams, unfulfilled aspirations and a promising future were killed.

To express the depth of my pain and shock at their murder is impossible. And understanding how events could have degenerated to this level is truthfully beyond me.

Lloyd, Ugo, Tekana and Chidiaka

Four promising young men whose lives were interwoven in one way or the other with yours and mine.

I mourn deeply with the families of these young men because this is OUR collective loss. They were our colleagues, our classmates, our neighbors, our brothers… our friends.

We are NOT a nation of barbarians. We CAN follow due processes and procedures. We MUST fight together as ONE NATION to ensure that Justice as a whole is served, and as a PROCESS, is duly followed-ALWAYS.

We can only try to make meaning of this senseless tragedy by ensuring that this WILL not happen again, by affirming that the pursuit of justice does not in any way entitle any of us to the willful elimination of other people’s lives and by ensuring that we, as youths, do not destroy the honorable mantle placed on us as the future of our nation, by eliminating our present.

Aluu 4 and Mubi 40, Rest In Perfect Peace.

God Bless Nigeria


  1. Injustice anywhere they said is injustice everywhere,if not properly handled,it can happen in ALUU,it can happen even in ur village,its so painful,I can’t even compose myself to watch the video,the killing of this helpless four uniport students.
    Contrary to the question whether they actually stole anything or not,hither to who gave the community the right to decide who lives and who dies no matter the crime,my mind has be wondering on how the incident was comfortably recorded
    On a scale of one to ten,It a clear fact that the killing was recorded and the picture of those boys was snapped with sophisticated gadgets,that is to say that there are enlighten or civilized people around when this gruesome Murder is been carried out.
    The truth is that it was not done in the secret, people heard the shouting,the crying,then before the killing yet nobody at that point believe its wise to even hand them over to police.nobody was touched by their cries and begging,its cold,the bible said in the end time the love of men will grow cold,the I don’t care attitude,it doesn’t concern me,they brought it to themselves or probably they deserve what they get.in truth most people may not really support the killing but due to fear of been a lone voice they may not voice there opinion they kept silent while more vocal men are perpetuating evil,let the death of this young men be a lesson,let us learn to stand out and condemn injustice in anywhere we are,speak against it,let people know your stand educate your people,let us not think what will happen to us if we take a different stand from the popular one or what people around you will say or do to u,think about what could happen if no one speak out against such injustice. THE PEOPLE has the power to change and to mar,you are a unit in that super structure,it begins with u,let begins to get it rit.say NO to injustice and inhuman! Let’s alwz watch the impact of our actions to the immediate society!! A good Nigeria starts wit you and I,ENGR EMMANUEL!!28421D72

  2. I wept when I saw just a glimpse of the video and I ask myself, ARE NIGERIAN BARBARIANS?? Four lifes with dreams, aspirations and potentials were wasted for no just reason in very barbaric manner. And the only question that i could myself is BUT WHY?? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why do we have no conscience? Why do we not have human feelings? When are we going to stop all these killing? As a Nigerian in the diaspora , this kind of news make us rethink whether we should come back home or stay away from home where we feel safer.

  3. Wit deep pain and tears dat cn’t b controlled, i pray and ask God 2 grant d parent of d descesed d hrt 2 bear dis grat lost and 4 d killers let justice be made

  4. This is a Cataclysmic catastrophe! This is insane, heinous and inhumane..:) i wonder if those people in that remote community are really humans, even animals are more sensible than they are. How can such atrocity take place in a law abiding country. My deepest condolence goes out to the families that lost their loved ones. Justice must be served, if peace must reign! God is watching

  5. 4 young and promising young men wiped away from the surface of the earth,like they know what it takes to create 1.uhmmmm!in my tears am drowning but in my helplessness i say;Let he/she know that who ever kills with sword dies by same,let no man destroy wh

    Rest in perfect peace my friends.


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