5 Star Music Release Press Statement Over SkiiBii’s Alleged Death Rumors

skiibii hospital

5 Star Music are in damage control mode now after rumors of the death of their artist, SkiiBii went crazy yesterday. After it turned out he wasn’t dead, it started looking like a PR stunt gone terribly wrong. As you can imagine, a lot of fans and media peeps were very pissed off.

The record label have come out to give an official statement on the whole fiasco, and state that SkiiBii did collapse, and was rushed to the hospital but is recovering. Still! You gotta imagine that this is a PR nightmare, and was probably not in the script when they planned all this.

Here’s the statement from 5 Star:

We the entire Five Star Music received with great shock the news of the demise of our artiste in the person of Abbey Toyyib Elias a.k.a Skiibii.

The wide spread rumor of Skiibii being dead that shook the airwaves and social media platforms this morning is confirmed false. The 22 year old talented musician signed to Five Star Music is fine and alive. Given that he had a minor health issue this morning, He collapsed and was rushed by his brother & his friends to a nearby hospital from where he was taken to a more equipped hospital by the intervention of the CEO of Five Star Group for further treatment.

Skiibii is currently recuperating at a private hospital, Please disregard negative information hitherto passed. Death is not something to play with. Kcee and Five Star Manager Soso Soberekon are currently in Europe on a tour.

On his suppose demise as confirmed by Five Star Music or the label’s manager – At best, it was a miscommunication. The official social media accounts for future updates on every thing as regards the label, artistes and music are: @iam_KCEE, @iamMrSongz @Skiibii and @FiveStarMusicNG (on Instagram).

Thank you for your concern and support.

For Five Star Music.


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