14 Burning Nigerian Entertainment Questions for 2014


It’s 2014 people and now that all the festivities have pretty much died down it’s time to start looking forward towards 2014, and right now I’m bringing you guys some of the burning questions that we are dying to get answers for in 2014 as it related to the Nigerian entertainment industry.


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Who will be the first celebrity couple to tie the knot, or rather pop the question or even break up? 

The entertainment industry is not complete without the big celebrity romances to watch and see how things will work out. 2013 saw the marriages of Tiwa Savage and Tee-Billz, and P-Square and Lola Omotayo. This year will we see Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari tie the knot? Or will they finally end their publicity stunt? Will Dbanj & Genevieve prove to everyone that they are for real and actually marry? Will Toolz and Tunde jump the broom? Or will be see what happened to Toke and her boo? We have 12 months to wait and see, but we wish everyone luck.

Which popular artist in 2013 will fade into oblivion?

Raise your hand if you know exactly what Styl-Plus are doing. Waiting… and where is Mo’Cheddah? Djinee still in music? Yea I know it’s a bit harsh but it’s a sad reality that one day you’re hot and the next day you’re not. This year wont be any different, and there will be some hot names now that you wont hear much from by this time next year. Can you guess who those will be?

Will Nollywood actors and actresses finally stop recording into music?

At some point our dear actors and actresses will have to admit that this experimentation with music is a complete F9. From Tonto Dike to Juliet Ibrahim to Uti Nwachukwu and his Xmas song. Everything na Fa-Fa-Foul! It might be a popular move to gain some buzz, but in an industry where the music is already suspect, we don’t need to add more crap in the pool. Thanks… Signed Management 🙂

Will we see more of this?
Will we see more of this?

Can cheap publicity stunts please stop?

Aunty Yvonne Nelson and your fake death threat, hacked twitter account, new love, old love etc, we need to cease and desist in 2014. Jim Iyke please no need for deliverance again. Too many of our talented entertainers become household jokes because of these random publicity stunts. And while we’re at it let’s cool down on the 50 million naira champagne, $50,000 suit, $1 million dollar channel lego bag, and all that stuff most of us know is fake. Can we please stop all this? I say it will stop but maybe it might.

Which upcoming act will have a major break out year?

This is where it gets exciting. As some artists fade, so will other rise and this year will be no different. With promising names like Tekno, Yemi Alade, Ruby, Niyola, Ese Peters, Endia, Yung L, Boogey getting some serious buzz, you have to be excited for the ones that will finally break into the upper echelon of stardom.

Can Boogey take Hip-Hop in Nigeria to the promise land?
Can Boogey take Hip-Hop in Nigeria to the promise land?

Will Hip-Hop In Nigeria get more accreditation, and consequently more revenue?

You know for all the noise hip-hop heads make in Nigeria, hip-hop is still a very low income genre in Nigeria. With the exception of a few – MI, Naeto C, Olamide, Ice Prince, and a few others, the majority of the other rappers are pretty much struggling to stay afloat. Hip-Hop in reality just doesn’t sell like the Afro-Pop genre in Nigeria, but could this be the year where we see a huge surge? and I’m not talking making noise on social media on blogs, I’m talking mainstream Glo Slide and Bounce big. Could it happen? The talent is surely there.

Will Beyonce, Kanye or Nicki Minaj Come To Nigeria This Year?

I mean why not dream right? Kim K has touched, so has Mariah, Chris Brown, Rick Ross,Mary J and a host of others so why not dream. I mean Beyonce has come before, but not since she’s been King Bey. This is a whole new level of Beyonce that could make an appearance in Nigeria. What about Kanye? Dbanj talk to the boss man to come through, and Nicki Minaj is definitely due a stop. But which other big name international artist could make a stop in Nigeria?

Where will the big scandal come from?

Where will it come from o? Who will snatch whose wife or husband? Who will expose someone’s dirty laundry? Will another big name artist jump ship from their record label? Will a married man have a baby by another woman? I mean, we know it will happen but the question is where will it come from?


Will Maheeda finally have sex on screen for the attention?

I’m very convinced it will happen. Once we get tired of the almost naked pictures she’s been floating around twitter and instagram she’ll take it a step further. How much further will she take it though, and will we have already seen it all from Afro Candy by then? This is a burning question.

Will Dbanj and Don Jazzy release a song together once again?

Wale has already claimed responsibility for bringing both of them in a studio together, and they performed together at Dbanj’s sister’s wedding back in August so we can dream a little bit right? Plus it’s not like 2013 was the best years of their lives. They’ve both sort of struggled a bit musically recently.

Will anyone make a big comeback this year?

There are some names that have been relatively quiet for a few years and some that many of us might have even forgotten. Some we know are just putting in work, and others are struggling to break in once again, but who do you think will make that big comeback this year? Mo’Cheddah we’re looking at you with side eye o. Jeremiah Gyang? Ini Edo? 9ice?

Who will make an Olamide type impact in 2014?

Who will be the biggest artist this year?

This is always a hard one because you have the already big names WizKid, Davido, Tiwa Savage etc, but like Olamide did in 2013, anyone can sneak in and make a huge name for themselves with enough hard work, persistence, and very good brand management. I have my suspects but it’s definitely a hard question to answer.

How will the BON and IBAN vs COSON conflict end?

The Broadcasters Organization of Nigeria along with the Independent Broadcasting Association of Nigeria have been a fierce battle with the Copyright Society of Nigeria over large sums of royalties COSON believes should be paid to Artists for airplay.

How this one will end is anyone’s guess, but it’ll be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

Omotola about to make US TV history 🙂

Will we see an actor/actress appear in Hollywood for more than 5 seconds?

There was such a huge deal about our dear Omotola making a US TV debut this past year, and after all that big big hype and excitement she appeared on the TV show Hit The Floor for a grand total of 5 seconds, and said 2 words. But hey!! That’s how it starts. 5 seconds today, 15 seconds tomorrow, and 1 min next year. So much progress in Nollywood LOL. But seriously, will one of our actors or actresses actually make a significant debut on an international stage?

Jara question – Who will be the next Big Brother Africa star, and will Melvin and Beverly Osu be significant this time next year?

That’s all folks. Got answers, let’s hear it. Got a burning question? Let’s hear it or you can tweet us @jaguda_dotcom or me personally @aribabaj, and yep follow both handles.

Peace, Love and Enjoyment!


  1. lmao I died o. Aribaba you don kolo finish, but biko WizKid go drop better album this year? and Sean Tizzle still be significant by june?


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