10 Facts You Should Know About Chee | A Crush On Olamide Is One


Chee formerly known as Chidynma is one of the more talented singers in Nigeria right now. Her vocal reach is right up there with the best of them. Her last single A Nom Ebea is a fan favorite and rode the chart through 2013 into 2014.

We caught up with Chee, who has been a bit quiet recently, to find out the latest with her, and also get some random facts about her that you probably don’t know, and might want to.

In here words:

  • I cry for the weirdest things.. Even cartoons sometimes, but especially music. I cried the first time I heard Oleku


  • I was part of an engineering team that built a detection radar and antenna, till I left to pursue music
  • I’m mildly addicted to coffee… Ahem ! Starbucks caramel Coffee Frap, with whipped cream and extra caramel drizzle


  • Once upon a time my zipper broke and my skirt fell down while performing to a crowd of about 5000 people.. A la Nicki Minaj, I held the cloth ooooo
  • I’m a sports junkie. American football, Lawn tennis, Football. Any other sports during the playoffs I’m there


  • Rafael Nadal is my spec plus he plays tennis too… Can a girl dream?
  • When I’m nervous, I do a #2
  • I once sang in front of former US President Clinton and his body guard was teary eyed. ooo I also met Kerry Washington’s (Olivia pope) husband that day


  • My high school nickname was DuckFM cos of my lips, now everyone is doing the duck face…. Identify your selling point
  • Olamide is still my celebrity crush


Some really interesting thing even we didn’t know. Speaking of Olamide, Chee has given us news that her new single, No More, drops in 5 days (September 29th, 2014) which so happens to be her birthday. Guess who’s featured on it? Yep… Olamide. So be on the look out for it right here on Jaguda.com



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