New Music: X.O Senavoe – Across the Ocean [ Leaked Verse]


No Hair Dont Care!!!! There is something about this dude, and the way he brings it to the table.

X.O nation ya’ll need to jump on Senavoe’s leaked verse Across the Ocean. Yes it’s a verse that leaked out, and if this is any indication of what Xpoint0 is going to be like, then we’re are all in trouble. His Word play is On Point!

Fans like us at have to wonder why he hasn’t jumped on enigma tho!

We’ll go with this leaked verse though. Let it SINK! Its X.O Senavoe, Snitches…Listen Up!!!




  1. Chai……
    I'll add this track to my X.O collection…
    i dedicated a folder to u….
    On your case cos im loving ur music…
    Keep it coming man……
    Great job…


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