World Class! Watch Me’Mo – Exclusive and Download “Hope” EP

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It’s been a while since we heard from America based music star Me’Mo, but for those that kept wondering where the kid’s been.
Me’Mo has been in the studio working on he’s album “Homecoming” and reached out to us with some 
materials. The kid currently working on he’s first  studio album with Singer/Writer/Producer Fedarro in 
Atlanta dropped some good piece of music recently  and wanted to share with he’s fans. Me’Mo say’s this 
are songs that won’tmake the forthcoming LP and wanted to drop them for the fans. he calls this free 
album “Hope” something we all need in this part of  the world considering the wide spread of the Ebola Virus
 going around. 
Enjoy and stay Hopeful for a better day… Bless

Watch Me’Mo – Exclusive




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