WizKid – Tease Me/ Bad Guys [Freestyle]



If there is such a thing as free-style singing then WizKid has displayed it for us here. For those that don’t know, Wizkid is the 19year old kid that has been lacing crazy hooks on some of the biggest tracks. His song, Holla at ya boy is already blazing all over the radio in Naija.

Here is just a little something… Call it a teaser if you will. The full song will be released on his upcoming album which is yet to be titled.



  1. jezzzzz luk at how bareee gals run after u wizkidd.. any way da 1st day i listen to ur tunee hallo at ur boy bludd i loved it… kol tunee iniit….

  2. wizkid i really lke ur swag but may be u will feature me on my up coming album i hve many swag to display chorus:if u don’t knw me u cn cal me cashley my beboo is hot to see now i be chapion among my ppl more and more just wait and u wil see.

  3. Wiz i swear u’re my role model . Ur songs are fabulous . I really luv ’em. Ur so great. Ure a prince charming

  4. u are good, just good. pls try to bring one strictly gospel blues song. it would take u a long way of promotion. pretty soon we are gonna do one good collaboration. na u try pass young dude.


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