With Jay Z’s Cousin In Nigeria For Roc Nation; What’s The Plan?

jay z roc nation nigeria

The Nigerian entertainment scene got a jolt of excitement after Jay Z confirmed on twitter that his cousin, Briant ‘Bee-High’ Biggs (who is Director of Mobile Strategies at Roc Nation) is in Nigeria scouting for talent for Roc Nation.

With Jay Electronica in Nigeria over the past few weeks,  working with the likes of Don Jazzy, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Roc Nation does have heavy interests in the Nigerian market. Word on the street is that there is about to be a Roc Nation West Africa, by extension we’re guessing we could see a Tidal presence in Nigeria.

So now comes the big question; What’s The Plan?

We’ve seen this before right? Akon and Konvict Music came through, so did Kanye West’s GOOD Music, and a few others, but so far, there hasn’t been any major shift in the landscape of the music business in Nigeria. Now why will this move by Roc Nation and/or Tidal be any different from the rest?

I’m curious to know; Is this a move to sign up the hottest stars in Nigeria, and have the Roc Nation brand linked with them while making the quick easy X%? Is there going to be a genuine search for undiscovered talent, and spend the time and energy nurturing them to global stars? Or will it be the usual ‘XYZ big name act’ signs with Roc Nation, and take pics etc? Have they surveyed the digital and physical distribution angle of the Nigerian market? How many people will realistically pay more than N150 for an album? What’s the plan to tackle that? What about the hundreds of music blogs that are paid by artists to push their music on the internet, which consumer download for free? How will that work? Will there be a new platform? Most Nigerian music enthusiast will have these questions and many.

As a Jay-Z fan, I’d love nothing more than to see this work out very well for both Roc Nation, and the Nigerian Music industry. However, it has to be done right, and set the standards for what the music industry in Nigeria can become. Like fellow music enthusiast, Obinna said on twitter:

Speaking with an anonymous source, they said, that there are plans to explore the distribution and publishing aspects of the industry, and also work with independent artists as well as record labels in those aspects. If that’s the case then it’ll be a very welcome development. Especially with many artists, producers and song writers losing money due to various leakages in the system.

Now we await and see this all unfold. I personally have high hopes for this, and I certainly hope it works out. Roc Nation, we’re watching you.

– Aribaba (@aribabaj)



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