Who Do This Beat?… Top 10 Music Producers In Nigeria


There you are… Dancing with so much intensity to that heavy jam, and you’re just smiling so happily because this is one of your favorite naija songs currently. The beat is on point, the lyrics are stellar, and everything just comes together perfectly.

If you’re like me, one of the first things that comes to mind is “Omo who do this beat?” Yep. To me the beat is beginning of everything that has to do with that hot joint. So hey, I did a mini survey of over a 120 people among peers, artists, managers, and just good old lovers of music and came up with a comprehensive top 10 list of the hottest producers in Nigeria.

Yeah I know, some people will not agree with the list but this is from a survey so it’s not all my opinion. Actually my opinion had very little to do with it. That’s why after the list I’ll tell you who I feel would be on the list if I had my way.

10. MI Abaga

This would surprise some people, but Mr Jude Abaga actually kicks off this list at number 10. Yes MI is also a producer and he’s a pretty good one at that. Doubt me? Listen to MI2. He produced every song on there with the exception of Represent. So that means Action Film, One Naira, Undisputed, Number One, Epic are all produced by him… and they all sound different. Talk about some production diversity. He also produced 2 songs on Ice Prince’s album, Everybody Loves IcePrince, and DJ Neptune’s 123 HipHop.

Personal Fav: MI ft. Waje – One Naira

[audio:One Naira.mp3]



9. Tee-Y Mix

Some of Naeto C’s biggest hits have come from this outstanding producer right here. 10/10, 5 & 6, Kini Big Deal are all products of TY Mix. But not to get it twisted he’s done a lot of other stuff and worked with other artists including Darey (Carry Dey Go), Praiz (Jekalo) etc. Not enough space to put in all his songs but be sure the next time you hear “Things Are Not The Same…”(10/10) give TY mix a nice nod and big thumbs up.

Personal Fav: Naeto C – 10/10




8. Jay Sleek

Jay Sleek is not the most out-there producer but he has certainly done some of the biggest tunes we’ve heard lately. Including but not limited to 2face’s Implication, Rain Drops & Only Me, WizKid’s Oluwa Lo Ni, and For Me by Wizkid ft. Wande Coal. What do I like the most about Jay Sleek’s beats? Doesn’t matter what you’re doing that beat will catch your attention immediately. Jay Sleeky Sleeky

Personal Fav: 2Face – Implication




7. Dokta Frabz

*Now putting on my Beatz By Dokta Frabz Headphones* Dokta Frabz in the building!!! Dokta Frabz hops in on this list at number 7 and for all the right reasons. His diversity in music production is enviable. One minute he does Follow Me, and then he produces For A Minute (Waje) and switches up to Thief My Kele (Banky W). It’s almost like you can’t even guess he did a beat until you hear his name on there. Other hot joints he’s done include Thank God (Da Grin) and Chocolata (Omawumi).

Personal Fav: Da Grin ft. Omawumi – Thank God




6. E-Kelly

This is another producer that is not really out there but if you dig deep you’ll see his footprints in a lot of the hits out there. Most recently you can find this J-Town cat’s foot tracks on Waje’s So Inspired, MI”s Number One (Co-Producer) WizKid’s Say My Name, IcePrince’s Somebody Lied, and Loose Kaynon’s Mo Ti De. I’m sure if you dig deeper you’ll find a lot more. Simply put, E-Kelly is super talented. No question.

Personal Fav: Waje – So Inspired




5. Sarz

Sarz On The Beat!! Coming in at #5 is one of the hottest producers over the past year. Sarz has hits after hits under his belt. Should we name a few? Ok here goes; Joor Oh (Jah Bless), Salute (Shank), Don’t Touch (Goldie), Kondo (Da Grin), Super C Season (Naeto C). Is your screen hot yet? I have to stop my fingers are burning just typing this out. You get the gist though. Sarz is an extra hot commodity.

Personal Fav: Goldie – Don’t Touch

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Goldie-Don_t-Touch.mp3|titles=Goldie-Don_t Touch]



4. Samklef

Na Who Do This Beat? Samklef Noni!! Samklef has been one of the hottest commodities over the past year and for good reason. On any given night at the club you’ll probably here 3-4 of his songs and it gets the club jumping. On his resume so far? Don’t Dull, Pakurumo both by WizKid, Molowo Noni, Jonzing World & most recently End Of Story by IcePrince. Samklef has found the sweet spot in everyone’s ear that makes them want to dance and it’s not looking like he’s leaving that area soon.

Personal Fav: WizKid – Pakurumo

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/04-Pakurumo.mp3|titles=04 Pakurumo]



3. Cohbams Asuquo

This guy right here exemplifies what great music is all about. Doesn’t make a lot of noise and most times you barely even know he produced the song until you read the credits. He’s the head of CAMP (Cobhams Asuquo Music Productions) and has a great string of hits under his belt. Banky W’s Strong Ting, Darey’s The Way You Are, Omawumi’s If You Ask Me, Omolara’s Lover and Chidinma’s Kedike are all products of Cobhams. He is such a great asset to the Nigerian Music Industry.

Personal Fav: Banky W – Strong Ting

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/00-Strong-Thing.mp3|titles=00 – Strong Thing]



2. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jaga Jaga. Hit after hit after hit. This is one producer that simply can’t be replaced. The day he retires, there’ll be a hole in our music. I’m not sure I need to tell you why this cat is sitting at number 2. Do I need to start a mini list of hits? Ok just for those living under a rock for the past 4 years. Oleku by IcePrince, Wetin Dey by Jesse Jagz, Superstar by Ice Prince, Jikolo by Jesse Jags and a slew of the joints you here on IcePrince Album, and MI’s Talk About It Album. If I continue then this list wont stop. Just take it from me. He’s unrivaled… unless if we talk about the number 1 guy

Personal Fav: Jesse Jagz – Wetin Dey




1. Don Jazzy

*drum roll* Ok like you were really surprised. Na who do the beat o? Don Baba Jay. Don Jazzy is single handedly the most recognized producer out of Nigeria and I mean no disrespect to the others but Don Jazzy spells out Mo-Hits. From Gbono feli Feli, to Fall In Love, Under G, Bumper to Bumper, You Bad, Over The Moon, Scape Goat, Oliver Twist, I mean Don Jazzy is more than an asset to our industry. He’s a blessing. And with all that he has managed to stay very down to earth and is as friendly to fans as possible.

Oh let’s not forget he co-produced a song on Watch The Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Yes he’s taken his talents international.

Personal Fav: Dbanj – Gbono Feli Feli

[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/01-Mo-Gbono-Feli-Feli.mp3|titles=01 – Mo Gbono Feli Feli]


So there folks, there you have it. The 10 hottest producers in Nigeria right now. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these producers on your song.

Producers I would’ve squeezed into this list if possible: Sossick (Pon Pon Pon by Da Grin, I done did it by Eva), DJ Klem (Holla At Your Boy by WizKid, No Be Money by Mo’Cheddah), ID Cabasa (Gongo Aso by 9ice, Young Erikina by Olamide)

Look out for them cos they’ll be really big soon: Chopstix, OJB [I stand corrected], Kid Konnect, Spankie, Big Foot

Like I said earlier this is based on a survey and yes the survey was pretty wide spread. Do you disagree with this list? Well let’s hear it.

One thing occured to me when composing this list though. Not a single person made mention of a female producer. I can’t think of any myself but I sure hope there are some out there. Or is production not something the women are interested in? Something to think about.


Update: OJB should not be on the “soon to be big list.” I stand corrected. Error on my part.


  1. I agree with the list except with two points. 1. ID Cabasa cannot be in the bubbling under, i can never agree with it. What hit does E.Kelly has that can rival Gongo Aso…
    2. Really, did you just put OJB in the watch out for soon. It seem you are a novice in this industry or the people you interview are worst of. OJB is the brain behind Tuface first monster album hit-grass to grace. Infact, i don vex….HABA…
    Well, good compilation…….

  2. Nice List. I agree, I would've sqeezed ID Cabasa in that list and maybe you should've. U for just do that ojoro now.

    I like this list though. Nice that you're giving your due to the producers

  3. cool list but I dont agree with MI being on the list, if he wasn't 'MI the rapper" he would not have even been considered, Sossick should have been 10. Also Ty Mix should be a lot higher on the list, there is a new TY Mix hit ever other week or so.
    Cool list though, you cant make every1 happy

  4. Guy sossick should be on that top ten list o. Jesse jagz ke? I prefer sarz on number 2.

    MI is a very good mixer and producer. Thank God you corrected yourself in OJB’s case. Nice list thou.

  5. Aleast the writer shud just respect O.J.B abi u newbie for naija music industry? Men u should ask all the big name written here they know wats up..

  6. OJB is a great producer of all time pls!!! infact his production in naija is ever green! classic AFRICA QUEEN. were is Dan jigi *

  7. this list should have been titled "CURRENT top 10 music producers in Nigeria" cos if it a holistic approach was taken, id cabasa would certainly be in the top 3 and ojb would make the top 10

  8. This list is crap jare. Who the fuck did you survey? No Terry G, ID Cabasa, Sossick, Ikon? RUBBISH!!! and all those people talking about OJB he's old jare. Worn out Larry Holmes of production.

    • Who the fuck is this guy? OJB is a legend jare. Shows how much you know about music. Sossick is a good hiphop producer and that's where it ends. He wont make my top 10, but i still respect him.

  9. I mean Aribaba & Jaguda.com is here giving producers their due and recognizing them and all you guys can do is argue like a bunch of senseless buffons. smh. I blame cheap MTN BIS service

  10. ‎​¥ z terry ‎​Ŋ♉τ dr he az bn wonderfull ‎​A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ know fuck d list

  11. ‎​¥ z terry ‎​Ŋ♉τ dr he az bn wonderfull ‎​A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ know fuck d list akpako master hit pass all dis 1.what makes ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ A̶̲̥̅ ‎​Ǧ☺☺ϑ producer z when ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ A̶̲̥̅√ hit tracks.z ΐ† pass ‎​♏ξ ‎​​U̶̲̥̅̊я ,incase ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ neva know.‎​ ‎​​CΩ̴n̶̲̥̅̊’†̥ mention all but d list z fucked without terry. g kpakam

  12. Nah wa ooo for this your list you just write for writing sake…. What about Duncan mighty? non of the producers there can match up to him cause his beat is more african and real not like electro or computer beats you hear from this guys….There are some fluke producers on the list…. Don jazzy is good, doctor frabs, ty mix, CAMP…others nah fluke… ID cabasa better pass many people there…i prefer DUNCAN MIGHTY to be second atleast.

  13. Nice list tho,but I’m curious,y shud cobhams b no3,jesse jags no2 n jazzy no1.as far as I know,every nigerian dat knows n appreciates GOOD music would agree with me dat cobhams produces STRICTLY GOOD music n makes it entertaining as well.all jazzy does Ȋ̝̊̅§ entertain,so I think it should b cobhams 1,jesse 2 n den jazzy

  14. where is J,martin, I.d Cabasa ,OJB, So sick, K.Solo in ur list. i think u just wrote down name of those producer that were ur friend.

  15. I fink d writer of dis article iz quite confused…if d topic is ‘current’ producers then u should stick to listing hit productions in the past six months…nott even one year…then u’d tell me where donjazy shld be…ty mix shld be top 3!!! Dat dude’s bin comin up wiv gud stuff recently if u dunno…d list is quite fair though but d arrangement is totally wrong!

  16. You Only Rated The Recent Producers In Nigeria… So Jesse Jags Has Made Better Beats Than Jay Sleek? Ty Mix? Am Sure He Himself Would Never Claim That, Sam Klef Is Hot But Never Better Than This Two Acts.. And Also Who The Capital F Is E Kelly?

    So This Guy Has Done Better Beats Than ID Cabasa? Sossick??

    OH My God Jaguda Just Fell My Hand, As In Did You Eat Well Before Writing This?

    I Have Always Loved You Guys Till Now.

    Smile Anyways

  17. Spankie produced kolomental and has worked with tuface and sound sultan. He cant be bubbling under. Same for sossick.

  18. I really giv kuddos to dat list cos let’s praise pple dat av make our county outstanding.I salute my guy don jazzy u are mouthd,samklef kip it up we are going higher


  20. poor compilation and listing. d list shlda been minus E-KELLY & MI, plus Sossick & ID CABASA. two of d few producers dt dnt need to shout "tz blah blah on d beat".
    Observation; d writer is a choc city 'kiss ass'
    Sossick and Cabasa ve both produced counntless "hits and classics". i hope u know d diff. By the way, Jesse jagz shldnt be number 1 on the list.

  21. Respect to OJB, Id cabasa, don jazzy and cobhams. Terry G has a big influence in our music, call him crazy, but I fink he should have made the top 10. M.I is a known rapper, that’s his strength, so he shouldn’t be found in the big producer’s league. Thumbs up Jaguda.

  22. You have the right to your own opinions but one mistake you made that I will really love to correct again and again is the fact that DJ Klem didn't produce Wizkid's "Holla At Your Boy". Most of the production work on that track was done by an underground and very talented producer call "VEEDEE" not DJ Klem. Go listen to the track again (I'm sure you still have it) and see whose name Wizkid mentioned after EMEezey. I'm out. Thanks for your time in reading this. Peace.

  23. Hmm,the list is ok,but judgments are sentimental at times.these guys are good and unique in there own sphere.Apart from your own talent as a person,it takes the grace of God and divine luck to come up with a radio beat.let’s not forget that beat making is inspirational just as song writing.fenks

  24. I’m a talented song writer, but at this point facing some challenges regarding to finance, i would like to be signed up by a producer or find an interested person who can buy my scripts which comes in gospel and naija hip hop……contact me through…bck.1245@yahoo.com

  25. Incase you dont know SPELLZ is responsible for producing hits like (Wizkid – Roll it, Chuddyk – Gaga crazy, BankyW – Good good loving, DammyKrane – My dear n Gratitude, TiwaSavage – Shoutout n Folarin) and many more.

  26. No spellz, legendary beat, mastercraft,dtune,jude okoye,frank edwards even pheels. Dis guys are d latest hit makers.

  27. Major banks, wizzypro, phyno, leriq, chopstix, selebobo, drey beat, teepiano and gospel on da beat are d new rising stars.


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